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Tactics of Innovation:
How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS webinar

an online professional development class from the Global Dialogue Center

with executive instructors Joel Barker, futurist, filmmaker, author, and
Debbe Kennedy, author, president and founder, Global Dialogue Center

Who needs it?
Anyone who is introducing NEW IDEAS, like...
new products, programs, or services, a new strategy or change initiative
a new policy or practice...or reinvented YOU

Anyone presenting NEW IDEAS to...
Your team, senior leaders, organization, customers, stakeholders,
board members, potential collaborators, business partners,
colleagues or partners, interviewer for a job you want

Program Overview

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Program Overview:

Why do smart people say no to good ideas? Introducing change and innovations can be difficult. This program will help you develop the knowledge and know-how needed to get more new ideas accepted. It will also help you improve your effectiveness as a leader.

"Innovation is a 50/50 proposition. 50% is the idea and 50% is in how you present it. If you blow the second half, you end up with a great idea that never gets accepted.” – Joel Barker

Whether you are a leader, innovator, or aspiring to put a special mark on this time in history, properly presenting yourself and your great IDEAS for innovation is essential in corporate, small business, not-for-profit, NGOs, education, government, or any other kind of organization.

If we traced the path of great ideas in the finest of organizations, we would probably all be astounded at the rate at which great ideas were unintentionally squelched, squashed, smashed, stifled, smothered, misunderstood, ridiculed or just ignored.

Although, most of us acknowledge that getting “buy-in” for new ideas is essential to INNOVATION or change of any kind, our actions frequently demonstrate we don’t know much about how to get it. Only by developing the ability to present your ideas from the user’s point of view will you be able to achieve success!

Acceptance of a great idea is the most critical -- and most overlooked -- success factor. 'How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS' provides participants with detailed guidelines, examples, and a step-by-step process that demonstrates how to get ideas accepted." – Debbe Kennedy

Learn how How to Get BUY-IN for NEW IDEAS is different from other Joel Barker programs.

buttonWho NEEDS this online Professional Development Class?

Anyone who is introducing NEW IDEAS, like... new products, program, or services; new strategies or change initiatives; new policies or practices --- or a reinvented YOU. Anyone presenting NEW IDEAS to, senior leaders, organization, customers, stakeholders, board members, potential collaborators, business partners, colleagues --- or even the interviewer for a job you want.

buttonWhat's in it for YOU (and Your Team)?

  • Pinpoint why people are resistant to new ideas and how to remove the barriers
    that lead to understanding, acceptance, sponsorship and ownership.

  • Identify 10 tactics and supporting action strategies essential to engage the right sponsors.

  • Test your own idea against the tactics to see how well you intuited the rules.

  • Explore three critical success points essential to gain acceptance for your new ideas.

  • Learn about two parallel paths that lead to broad-based acceptance of a new idea.

  • Build knowledge, know-how, and take home tools to help you apply learning.

  • Personally interact with and learn from executive instructors Joel Barker and Debbe Kennedy.

  • Bring your team and partners to ensure everyone can effectively introduce new ideas, initiatives and programs to your unique and changing “customers.” See our TIP SHEET for Teams, Classrooms, and Study Groups.

buttonFeedback from previous participants

buttonOur promise to you

How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS
with executive instructors Joel Barker and Debbe Kennedy is thoughtfully designed to teach you how to build understanding and acceptance for new ideas and deliver on the learning objectives described in the program information. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this learning program, we will refund your tuition.





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