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Tactics of Innovation:
How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS | A Professional Development Webinar

Why do smart people say no to great ideas?

Joel Barker and Debbe Kennedy have asked leaders and innovators in the United States and over a dozen countries the following question to see what they are experiencing: What are your TOP challenges in introducing new thinking and new ideas in your organization or with customers?

Over 3,500 people told us...

  • 84% named resistance to change in all its forms as their top challenge.
    (e.g., invested in status quo, cynicism to anything new and different, knowledge and know-how to deal with it)
  • By the end of 2011, an upward trend developed; 95% reported resistance to change as their TOP challenge.
  • 50% also reported BREAKING through the noise to find and connect with customers on the rise.

With these realities, it became clear that effectively introducing new ideas and new thinking is a critical skill for every leader, aspiring leader, or innovator today. Why? Because your great ideas are only valuable when they are presented, accepted, and implemented. They are otherwise irrelevant. Tactics of Innovation: How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS is an ONLINE professional development class that gives you specific strategies and supporting tools to transcend these challenges, helping you improve your effectiveness as a leader. Learn how...

    Learn about this innovative online course soon to be announced in a new DIGITAL format.
    Listen in to recorded highlights from How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS for a glimpse of this powerful professional development program with executive instructors, Joel Barker and Debbe Kennedy

    See what participants say about How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS




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